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Our Team is on a mission to help as many people as possible to experience a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic.

  • Dr.
    Jason Sousa

    Dr. Sousa is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic who has traveled throughout the US, Europe and South America adjusting and educating thousands of people with the purpose of a healthier world. It is his passion for chiropractic that drives him to provide first-class chiropractic services with professionalism, clinical expertise and compassion, caring for each patient as if they were family. Dr. Sousa educates each patient not only on the effects of nerve interference on the body and mind but also the importance of proper exercise, nutrition, rest and a positive mental attitude.

    It's time to join the millions of people who are sick and tired of taking toxic medication everyday and are beginning to regain their health and life back through the most natural and effective healthcare system in the world, Chiropractic!

    Being a chiropractor is more than just an amazing profession it is truly a lifestyle.

    Live Innately from Above - Down - Inside - Out

    Expect a Miracle!

    Save a life, tell a loved one about Chiropractic today!


  • Dr.
    Autumn Cussen

    Dr. Autumn is originally from Michigan where she graduated with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biology from Kalamazoo College. In 2012, she began her chiropractic career at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. While at Palmer, she not only completed her student and outpatient clinical rounds but traveled to Brazil to serve impoverished areas and helped adjust over 800 patients per day.

    Additionally, she has always had a passion for sports and was on the volleyball team in college and continued her athletic career at Palmer as a member of the women's rugby team. Dr. Autumn has an enormous love for her patients and for the chiropractic profession. Throughout her experiences she has seen firsthand how nerve interference and lack of health can effect one's life. She has a drive to do everything she can to help her patients live a happy and healthy life both inside and out.


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