"Going to Dr. Sousa and Dr. Autumn for over 6 years has changed my life. I got off of 25 years of Synthroid for thyroid dysfunction after 3 years of spine correction. I have neck and low back hip issues and probably would have ended up on meds and had years of pain if it were not for these highly trained and highly educated holistic professionals. If I get a cold or have trouble sleeping with these caring doctors recommend how to treat my body naturally, with adjustments and all natural remedies. I would not want to go through the aging process without PROHealth!"

-Anne F.

"I first came to PROHealth Chiropractic at the recommendation of a friend. I've been under Chiropractic care for many years as part of my total wellness plan but had never been exposed to upper cervical work. The idea made sense to me, and my own Chiropractor encouraged me to give it a try.

As a person with weight issues and an under-active thyroid, I was hopeful that my body would respond positively to the approach. Immediately following the initial adjustment, I felt a warm rush throughout my body. Within five weeks, my TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) went from 5.79 to 3.04! I've been seeing the chiropractor regularly for about three months and now my TSH is 1.70. WOW! In addition to these positive results, I love the wellness philosophy of this office."

-Daphne U.


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