Spinal Alignment

"In May of 2008, I became a patient of PROHealth Chiropractic Center.  I had been suffering with lower back pain for years that my previous chiropractor could not alleviate and I was prepared to live with the pain forever.  This chronic lower back pain caused me not to sleep well.  I also suffered from frequent headaches and lack of energy.

I also liked the idea of a base line x-rays of my back and spine in my early 30's.  My mother had been recently diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis (the narrowing of the spine) and arthritis in her back. 

The first set of x-rays revealed that I had almost no curvature to my neck, my spine was out of line, and my hips were tilted and rotated.  After just a few visits, I began to feel relief in my lower back, which allowed me to sleep better at night. 

My frequent headaches have disappeared and I have no lower back pain.  Current x-rays show that I have regained the curvature to my neck, my spine is in line, and my hips are no longer tilted and rotated.  I sleep better and function better during the day.  I have more energy and I feel healthier.

PROHealth Chiropractic is my third chiropractic experience.  All have had different techniques of adjustments.   Dr. Sousa's adjustments, attentiveness, professionalism, and friendliness are the reason I highly recommend them to anyone seeking chiropractic help.

My spine is in line and I love my Chiropractors!"

-Donna B.


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