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"Before coming to PROHealth for chiropractic care, I thought only people with back injuries needed chiropractic. I have learned that chiropractic care helps with your overall health. I sleep better at night because I am more relaxed. I feel a burst of energy after my adjustments and I can move without being in pain. Once, I came in for an adjustment when my knee was hurting while walking. The doctor was able to help by adjusting the knee and I was able to walk out with less pain. Overall, chiropractic care helps."

-Shevonne B.

"I feel so much more ALIVE after my weekly adjustments and for the rest of the week, I am BLESSED!"

-Sister Lucette M.

"Overall health and well-being have continued since first coming to PROHealth. I haven't been sick at all these past 3 months. Vastly reduced headaches, and back pain are so welcomed. I have also been sleeping more soundly. Even my skin/complexion have improved. Wow! (:

-Paula H.

"More energy, not as much pain and more flexibility after only 12 visits. Sleeping better, no headaches - I didn't think it would work this fast - looking forward to complete success with absolutely no pain."

-Chris S.

"Two years ago I came into chiropractic care for the first time. I was experiencing pain. Through chiropractic care the pain went away, but I also learned that other symptoms I was experiencing were also related to the spine. Through care, my energy has increased, my sleeping patterns normalized and I was able to achieve a deeper level of sleep. In addition, my mood improved. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is having pain but also to help improve all aspects of their life."

-Robin V.

"After every visit, the power is on. This gives me the energy through the week. Thank you PROHealth Chiropractic."

-Kevin H.


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