"My vision has improved from having glasses since 5th grade to having my vision become almost normal within only 6 months of care.

I no longer have issues with my stomach, digestion, and thyroid and have stopped taking my acid reflux and hyperthyroid medications. As I get healthier, I plan on coming off my blood pressure medication and being medication free.

I am a lot more flexible and have better range of motion in my knees. The pain and numbness in my feet is getting better with the treatments. My overall state of mental health has changed - I feel more positive and happy about life.

I have recommended this office several times to others I love and want to see enjoying the same benefits I have experienced. I went from being skeptical and having a very negative opinion of chiropractic to totally believing in it and supporting the mission. I appreciate the advanced classes on nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

I thank God everyday for His healing power in my life and for bringing me here!!"

- Louise D.

"When I first met the doctors, I was little skeptical about chiropractic care. First of all, I have heard stories about bad chiropractors. Secondly, I really wasn't aware how much trouble an unhealthy spine can cause, and finally I just thought I was healthy enough to even go to check my spine. Well… after a month of regular visits to the doctors I not only think I'm healthy, but I can definitely feel it! I sleep better, I feel stronger and more "energized" and I feel less tired after work. But what surprised me the most is that the doctors care about my overall health. They're very helpful with explanations about different aspects of my lifestyle and are ready to answer my questions. And of course the health care class helped me to clarify some things about my health and living a healthy lifestyle."

-Dzianis S.

At first I had my doubts about receiving chiropractic care, but once I got to know the doctors I was not as skeptical. All of my questions were answered and I was educated about the care I was receiving. Over the past few months I have experienced positive results, such as less frequent headaches, less foot pain and less back pain. (:"

-Lori D.


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