"When a friend suggested that my intense, frequent Irritable Bowel Syndrome could be helped by chiropractic, I was floored! Chiropractic, when every medication and every procedure known to my gastroenterologist wasn't working? Well, why not, I figured. What did I have to lose?

Let me go back a while. After a four-year bout with pancreatitis and a gall bladder removal, I developed IBS. It flared about twice a month and each flare lasted for 5 to 8 days. Figure it out; I was incapacitated 50% of the time. Each time I made an appointment, I knew that there was a good likelihood I couldn't keep it. My GI was very kind and also very puzzled; whatever he suggested or prescribed only masked the symptoms and didn't do anything to prevent or diminish further flares. It was early last fall that my friend called me and I told her that I couldn't talk because I wasn't feeling well. "Is it your IBS?" she asked. "Yes." "Have you ever considered chiropractic? I've seen many, many people with IBS helped tremendously by chiropractic." (She works for a chiropractor in upstate New York.) "No, that never occurred to me," I responded, "but I'm going to do it." Immediately after getting off the phone, I looked for a principled chiropractor in the area, and had an appointment that afternoon. Almost right away, my IBS flares became less frequent, with each lasting no more that 36 hours. Was it a miracle? Now it's June, and I haven't had any twinge of IBS in more than three months. Now THAT`S a miracle!

A BONUS: For years, at my annual physical with my primary care physician, my cholesterol numbers have been awful, with total cholesterol just shy of 300. I'd resisted any talk of medication, but this year I was getting frightened of the possible consequences of such a high number. I became resigned to starting a statin drug. Two evenings ago, my doctor called with this year's blood test results. My total cholesterol is 212, with my HDL, my good cholesterol, being 96! I blurted out "Are you sure those are MY numbers?" "Absolutely!" I have been diligently watching my diet for over four years now, and I've been exercising several times a week for two years. The only change this past year has been seeing the chiropractor. I could not be more thrilled and grateful for his skill, kindness and caring. The entire staff, in fact, is kind and caring, and very welcoming whenever I walk in. "

-Nancy A.


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