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"One of our family's experiences: Last year my daughter had 5 ear infections. Since we started coming here she has not had one."

-Carole B.

"Both Doctors are wonderful and attentive. They address all your health needs. I have been taking my family here for 6 years"

-Jocelyn R. 

"My name is Karine and I am 29 years old, married with three children aged 8, 5, and 1 1/2. Seeing a chiropractor regularly is very important to us. I have noticed that chiropractic care helps our overall health tremendously. We do not go to the doctors often mainly because we hardly ever get sick! And I strongly believe that I can attribute this to our faithful visits to our chiropractor. Chiropractic has helped us maintain health. My two oldest daughters are ice hockey players, and from being pushed into boards to falling hard on the ice, one can only imagine what damage that could do after a while. My youngest daughter was adjusted at just a few days old, after going through what is believed to be the most traumatic event in life--BIRTH!!! My husband is a builder which requires him to be very physical day after day. For myself being a mom, with all that that entails, is ever so important that I stay healthy to keep my home together, because I don't get "sick days"! However, even if none of us were active, we would still greatly benefit from our routine adjustments.

Chiropractic care is our way of staying healthy and maintaining an overall sense of feeling GOOD."

-Karine L.

"Our family is so lucky; Chiropractic has helped us all!

When I started coming to the chiropractor, my hips were about an inch and a half off. I had chronic severe pain in my back and legs. I could barely hold my children. The doctors not only fixed my back, but gave me my life back. I am able to enjoy my life again. I can do all the physical activities I was unable to do before coming here.

My children come to the doctor too. When they started coming, my daughter had problems with her digestive tract and my son had chronic ear infections. Since being adjusted, my daughter has not had any problems with her stomach at all and my son has not had another ear infection.

My husband also gets adjusted on a regular basis. Although he does not have any severe problems, he was plagued by lower back pain. He is extremely active and does a lot of physical labor that causes pain in his lower back. Chiropractic has given my husband the ability to maintain his lifestyle without pain.

We are living proof that Chiropractic works. Thank you will never be enough!"

-B. Family


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