Dizziness & Balance

"About two years ago I experienced severe dizziness. I went to every doctor and specialist out there but none could diagnose what I had. I felt like I would be living with this condition for the rest of my life! I then saw an advertisement in the paper for PROHealth Chiropractic and decided to give it a try. After a month of adjustments I feel 95% better and only experience a mild dizzy spell once in a while. I know after a few more months I will be at 100%. Thanks PROHealth!"

-Brian R.

"Recently I encountered a bout with a virus that affected my inner ear and resulted in a vertigo imbalance which was so severe, I could not be vertical at all. I laid in bed for several days before it started to ease. I called Dr. Sousa and Dr. Vasco and they suggested I come in for an adjustment. While I was lying in bed, my back had become very tender and inflamed. With just two adjustments, I was 100% better!! It was amazing - my back and the vertigo - all back to normal. Thanks very much."

-Janet D.

"The care I have received at this office has been exceptional. I have felt very comfortable and informed. From my first adjustment, I have felt improvement. I came here because of severe dizziness and headaches, as well as back pain. Over a short period of time, the dizziness has gone away and the pain has improved significantly. I am very happy with the results I have seen & felt to this point."

-Heather L.

"After many visits to my doctor with no success, I decided to give it a chance with Chiropractic. I have been having problems with my ears draining, losing my balance and falling. After many new medications, MRIs, stress tests, being monitored, etc., I still was not any closer to a solution to my health problem. After the 3rd adjustment with Dr. Sousa, my dizziness was almost gone. I was walking without wobbling and my ear was getting better. After 8 adjustments my losing balance is non-existant and I no longer have problems with my ear. I now have my son and grandsons under chiropractic care and I know they will get great results. Thank you Dr. J - you guys are great."

-Claudette D.


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