"Testimonial on the benefits of regular Chiropractic care.

I am a 61 year old man who was diagnosed as bipolar when I was 41. My Doctor, as is true of most physicians, was very reluctant to make that diagnosis. It meant a lifetime of medication and treatment. A short stay in the hospital was enough evidence that in face I was a sufferer of manic depression. I started on Lithium and within 2 weeks I noticed a big difference. I still had some depression problems, but there was much improvement. I took Lithium for 10 years. I had some difficulty with depression but nothing like the period before the medication.

My Doctor told me at age 51 that I had to go off Lithium because of a danger to my kidneys. I stopped the lithium and went to a Holistic Doctor to try another approach. I entered a treatment program and spent the next 2 years trying the holistic method. I received many benefits from the diet and exercise suggestions, and some relief for the depression. Finally I had to go back on medication because of too many problems with depression. I continued the treatment program with an antidepressant and a medication for the manic part of the illness. In a year my Doctor had the medication level to a point where I was stable. I had a few highs and lows but the illness was mostly under control.

I continued seeing my Doctor every 3 months and led a pretty good life. Some mild highs and lows were still present, but the illness was controlled fairly well. I continued many of the holistic methods I had learned. My general health was very good.

One day after exercising, I started to have severe pains in my side traveling down the right leg. I knew if I went to my regular Doctor it would mean many more tests and probably more medication. I received a referral from a friend, and came to see the doctors.

After my consultation I started a treatment program. I had been to a Chiropractor before, so the doctor's education and methods made a lot of sense. The explanation of my problem by them and on the website was fairly easy to understand. I had some misconceptions about chiropractors, but I gradually learned a great deal from the doctors and the staff.

It has been nearly two years of once a week visits to the chiropractor. The improvements to my physical health have been many, and the changes in my mental health have been most impressive. The first benefit I received was an added inch to my height. The improvements I have noticed over the last 2 years: the pain in my back and leg is gone, my neck is free of discomfort, my energy level is better, my head is clearer, my mental functions are sharper, and my mind works more logically. Chiropractic has made my life better.

A true believer in Chiropractic care."

-Joe C.


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