Athletic Performance

"I have been playing hockey and studying martial arts for most of my life and over the years I have sustained injuries. Now I have been a Correction Officer for the past 3 years which creates even more stress on my body. Since I have been seeing Dr. Sousa, I have noticed an overall improvement… and have been feeling healthier. If it weren't for these doctors I would not be able to play the sport that I love today."

-Matt L.

"For the past three months I have been coming here faithfully. I have noticed a tremendous amount of clarity and balance in my posture and mind. My martial arts has been much more solid and grounded. With this experience here at PROHealth, I have recommended other clients and am a changed person. Thank you."

-Jonathan R.

"After a year's worth of pain caused by sports-related back injury, I sought out chiropractic care. I considered it to be my last resort before surgery, as I was having difficulty performing day-to-day tasks. I am happy to say that after only a short time under the care of the doctors, not only has my pain diminished significantly, but I am once again playing the sport that I love. Thank you!"

-Mike W.


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