Athletic Performance

"I first came to the practice with an injury from weightlifting-- a rotated pelvis and acutely inflamed piriformis. They also diagnosed me with a reverse cervical curve. My pelvis is virtually all straightened out, although the piriformis still gets aggravated occasionally, and my neck is now straight and on its way on the proper curve! The range of motion in my neck is so much better and headaches occur much less often. I would recommend both Dr. Sousa and Dr. Autumn to anyone in a heartbeat!

-Lisa G. 

"I have been playing hockey and studying martial arts for most of my life and over the years I have sustained injuries. Now I have been a Correction Officer for the past 3 years which creates even more stress on my body. Since I have been seeing Dr. Sousa, I have noticed an overall improvement… and have been feeling healthier. If it weren't for these doctors I would not be able to play the sport that I love today."

-Matt L.

"For the past three months I have been coming here faithfully. I have noticed a tremendous amount of clarity and balance in my posture and mind. My martial arts has been much more solid and grounded. With this experience here at PROHealth, I have recommended other clients and am a changed person. Thank you."

-Jonathan R.

"After a year's worth of pain caused by sports-related back injury, I sought out chiropractic care. I considered it to be my last resort before surgery, as I was having difficulty performing day-to-day tasks. I am happy to say that after only a short time under the care of the doctors, not only has my pain diminished significantly, but I am once again playing the sport that I love. Thank you!"

-Mike W.


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