Reason for Existence

International Chiropractic Organization (ICA) Reason for Existence:

Vision:  to empower humanity in the chiropractic expression of maximum health, wellness and human potential.

Mission:  to advance chiropractic throughout the world as a distinct healthcare profession predicated on its distinct philosophy, science, and art.

To promote chiropractic as a natural health profession based on the innate physiological principles of homeostasis causing  the body to heal.

To promote educational programs, insurance recognition and political language that provides parity of reimbursement based on chiropractic necessity.

To provide ideals, strategies and goals for a membership committed and passionate to serve the highest purpose of chiropractic for humanity.

To strive to protect from political oppression an individual's "Freedom of Choice" in the pursuit of health and happiness.

To offer the most advanced highest credentialed educational training programs for chiropractors serving in pediatrics, sports and fitness, wellness, upper cervical adjusting, applied sciences, and vitalistic philosophy.

To author, promote, update and present X-ray and Practice Guidelines that protect and serve the highest and best health interest of the people receiving chiropractic care.

To protect the right of the chiropractor to adjust subluxations for the improvement of nerve function as outlined in the ACC paradigm

To do the right thing in chiropractic for the profession and the people of the world who are seeking  the highest quality of life, health,  and wellness.


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