Our Incredible Body

1. There are 30-40 billion white blood cells (WBCs) circulating on any given day; these blood cells only live for a couple days and are then replaced.

2. One drop of blood (1/25th of an inch) contains 5-million red blood cells (RBCs), 7,000 WBCs and thousands of platelets.

3. RBCs live approximately 120 days and make 300,000 trips through the blood stream; that's almost 2-trips per minute.

4. 3-million RBCs are made per minute.

5. The heart weighs less than one pound and yet beats approximately 40-million times per year.

6. The heart pumps 2.5 gallons per minute or 1,314,000 gallons per year.

7. The energy output of the heartbeat in a 24-hour period alone is enough to raise three fully-loaded Greyhound buses off the ground.

8. If stretched out, the arteries and veins in your body would cover 12,000 miles.

9. The lungs use about 90-gallons of pure oxygen per day.

10. Because of the alveoli (tiny projections in the lungs), the surface area of the lungs is approximately 40-60 square miles.

11. We take approximately 9-million breaths per year.

12. Our lungs pump approximately 2-gallons of air per minute while at rest and approximately 26-gallons of air per minute while exercising.

13. There are more than 600 muscles in your body. To press a barbell over your head takes 200 of them - 31 in your face alone.

14. Nerves transmit their signals at 300 mph.

15. Stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) is so strong, that one drop of it on the skin will leave a painful blister, but the stomach is left unharmed.

16. The stomach produces 2.5-quarts of acid per day.

17. Over the course of a 70-year life span, the stomach will have produced 60,000 quarts of acid to help digest 40-tons of food.

18. All of these and every other action and reaction in your body are controlled by the innate/inborn intelligence within. This intelligence uses the nerve system to transmit messages to and from the body to maintain the body in an organized state 24/7/365.


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