Headaches, Migraines

"I showed up for my much anticipated back and neck adjustments knowing how good I would feel. But this time I was a little under the weather with a cold that had been giving me such a headache that my teeth hurt, as well as tired and light headed. Dr. Sousa asked if I wanted him to open my nasal and lung areas. Sure why not! Well, after that and the 20 minutes breathing through the nose as he instructed, I had NO more headache and was alert! And I slept though the night! Thanks to the best Chiropractic practice around! This is the short version of how good I felt!"

-Carolyn M. 

"My experience here is wonderful! I was having terrible back pain and wicked headaches since high school almost every day, haven't had one since I started coming here!"

-Kathryne B.

"For over 5 years I've been suffering from headaches/migraines, tension pain in the neck, shoulder, and back. Since beginning chiropractic care, I noticed immediate relief. I went from headaches at least once a week, taking medicine prescribed by doctors, not being able to resume my daily activities to no pain whatsoever, no medicine, and I am more active with my everyday activities. This is the only care that has shown improvement, and has helped me live life the way I want to."

-Milka F.

"I was suffering of lower back and neck aches, as well as headaches. I was averaging anywhere from 9 to 12 Advil pills a day. Since I have been coming I haven't had any medication for headaches at all. Also, standing for long periods - my lower back was bothering me - now I can stand all day without it bothering me. My check has gotten a lot better as well."

-Anita A.


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