Autoimmue Disorder

"When I began coming in 2010 I was in so much pain, and on several meds for pain and muscle spasms. My back hurt all the time! I started feeling relief after my first adjustment. After a few months of adjustments, I was off ALL meds. I also have ankylosing spondylitis, an autoimmune disorder, that causes joint issues. The team always helps me get through difficult flare-ups and adjustments can sometimes stop the pain instantly and always bring relief.

I've learned how to eat to help my body heal and be in a healthier state. The classes they offer are so informative and I always walk away with so much useful information that I love to share with my family. The classes are vital to knowing about food and toxins and state of mind.

Dr. Autumn has been a great addition to the Team and is very caring and gives great adjustments!

Thank you for making my life better and helping regain control over my life.

I also love the inspiring Christian music. It's always uplifting and I know they are doing God's work here. Amen!!"

-Christine H.


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