"It is rare to find the combination of doctors who really care about their patients plus are really, really good at what they do. But Dr. Sousa and Dr. Autumn are an example of both. I receive weekly adjustments. When I first came to PROHealth Chiropractic, it was for a weight loss seminar. At the time, I had aches and pains that I thought were typical of an older person (especially in my thumbs which I attributed to a family history of arthritis). I didn't really think about the adjustments doing anything for the pain in my thumbs, but one day I just stopped in my tracks and thought 'I don't have any pain in my thumbs'. We are talking about relief from daily/hourly severe pain that sometimes radiated up to my elbows and shoulders- gone!! I now know that it was not arthritis but it was nerves in my spine that were being pinched because of subluxation. There is a lot to learn about chiropractic care and when carefully examined, you will find that it can help you with so many different problems - you would be shocked. I would recommend PROHealth Chiropractic (not just any chiropractor) to anyone. 

-Betty W.

"I am very grateful for being able to receive care from you. Some friends recommended you and as a result, I can still move around a lot better than I thought I would be able to do due to arthritis, injuries, and health issues. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!"



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